Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Insta Dissertation is known for putting the maximum effort in facilitating its clientele base in order to ensure their best interests. For this purpose, we have certain terms and conditions to govern the dealings with our clientele base.

We highly recommend our clienteles and visitors to read these terms and conditions before the placement of their orders. It is so because as soon as you will place your order with us, it will act as the confirmation from your side that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

Symbol of Trademark and Issues of Copyright

The material available for you to view or the software based information is the property of Insta Dissertations. It includes every sort of information such as images, software material, and text. You must understand that it is not legal in any perspectives for you to reuse our delivered services for anyone.

Details for Payment

You must clear your payments with us as soon as possible so that our ink slingers can process your orders. We only initiate with your requested orders when your payments are cleared. You can pay directly through the PayPal or using Visa Card and Master Card.

Liabilities of Using Our Services

Any sort of loss or damage to the property emerging from misuse of our services will never be a part of our responsibility.

Modifications and Alterations in Terms and Conditions

Insta Dissertations reserve all the rights for modifications and alterations in their terms and conditions at any time. You must keep track of any change and modification with our terms and conditions.

Information to Buzz

We can use any medium to buzz you for the information of your work in-progress and also to inform you about our new promotional offers.

Your Privacy and Related Information

Your privacy is the most important concern and this is why we are maintaining it with the higher levels of security. For your satisfaction, we are using Data Protection Act as well as Companies Act at our platform. We do not share any personal information of our clienteles to the external parties.

Security for Your Accounts

You will have your basic credentials required for accessing your accounts at our platform such as your username and password. You are responsible to protect these credentials for the security of your account. You must change your usernames and passwords once you are provided with these to protect it.