You should know that dissertation proposal is the initial stage to start with your study as it aims to obtain approval from your supervisor. The structure of a custom dissertation proposal differs as per the guidelines of every university and their departments. It leads the students to face issues in understanding the basic requirements but we are here to resolve this confusing concern for them.

Before seeking dissertation help for devising your proposal at this stage, you need to understand major aspects, which are purpose of your study, your audience, and structure of your study. These elements are the ingredients that make up your understanding for completing your proposal without any hurdle.

Generally speaking, any proposal of the UK’s best dissertation should include the following aspects:

  • Exact intention of the study – It reflects the scope of the entire research study with the questions to answer in the study with the help of previous literature.
  • Ways to study the topic – it reflects the specific methods you are planning to use for collection of relevant data and providing valid answers for your formulated questions.
  • Reasons to study the selected topic – It highlights the significance of your study as well as plan based on which you are conducting it.
  • Completion time – It points to the guidelines of your university and department as to follow the prescribed timeline to complete your entire study to avoid any delays in your submission
  • Now, you must understand the purpose and audience of your proposal before moving to the scribbling part of your document. The purpose of your proposal highlights many things you must consider. It includes justification for your study to provide the valid rationale. You should also consider the rationale for your planned or proposed methodology to avoid any failure or misconduct. You are required to consider your audience during the whole process of your study and it may include your advisors, dissertation committee, supervisor, students, and others.

    These major elements and their understanding further lead you to devise your proposal using the specific structure as outlined briefly below:

    Dissertation Proposal Format

    Title page should point out the type of study you are planning to conduct.

    Abstract is the most important part to present the overview of your proposed study and you must ensure that it reflects your problem statement, research questions, and proposed methodology.

    Introduction plays the role of presenting ground rules for your proposal as your present the basic foundations for your study. You need to present sufficient background for your audience to understand your purpose.

    Problem Statement must present the possible research gaps that you are planning to fill along with the clear statement of the issue you are planning to resolve.

    Research Questions must cover the basic purpose of your proposed study to explain the study aims.

    Literature Review is the most in-depth and comprehensive section for your proposed study. You need to present your arguments, thoughts, and opinions on the findings from the previous literature while answering your research questions.

    Methodology section is the most important one for your plan as you need to provide details and justification on your specific tools and methods.

    Time plan indicates your division of weeks or months for every task you will take for completion. It will provide sufficient evidences for your plan to defend your proposed study and to gain approval.