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Dissertation Structure

Do you really know the proper structure of a dissertation? It is the most haunting question that students face in their academic life and they seek dissertation help everywhere. Here, we are aimed to provide a quick solution to this challenging concern. First of all things, you need to understand that dissertations are structured far differently than your other written tasks such as essays, coursework, and research papers.

Custom dissertation is supposed to be your original research reflecting quality scholarly work. The structure of any dissertation includes chapters for introduction and conclusion but it varies with the levels and domains of education.

Title Page

UK’s best dissertation should have a proper title page as per the instructions from your supervisor. The title should reflect the main aspect of the entire study.

Table of Contents

After the above two, the contents page is placed to list all the heads, sub-heads for each chapter with their page numbers. It is prepared when the entire study is completed and compiled for submission.

Literature Review

It is the second chapter based on the research questions formulated in the previous chapter of the dissertation. You are required to consider and include sufficient studies to provide answers to the research questions. The chapter also enables you to highlight potential gaps in the literature about your topic.

Results and Discussion

This chapter relies on the length of your dissertation and also the nature of the study. In the case of hypothesis, you should present your results in the form of charts and tables using the statistical tools and software. Similarly, in the case of the interviews or qualitative study, you need to present the grounds for the discussions and extracts from the interviews or literature as a support to your opinions and arguments.


This section compiles all the sources of your dissertation from the very start of your study. You are required to follow the instructions of your supervisor and institution for this section.


It should reflect the summarised version of the entire research for its readers. There might be specific instructions regarding the format and word length for this section of the study.


It is the first chapter highlighting the basic concerns of the researcher to conduct the study. The chapter also provides considerable reasons and issues regarding the selection of the topic based on which the research aims and questions are formulated.


The gaps highlighted in the previous chapter will enable you as the researcher to design the methodology for your study. At this stage, you need to define whether your study is qualitative or quantitative. In other words, you should select the most appropriate tools in this chapter to conduct the study.


This chapter is required to provide a summary of your arguments and thoughts on the study. You should indicate the direction for the researchers to conduct studies in the future around the same domain as of your study.


It is possible that your dissertation requires additional information to support your studies such as diagrams, paragraphs, letters, interviews, and surveys. This section includes the additional supporting information for your study.