Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Insta Dissertation pledges to deliver orders of premium quality for their clientele base. We not only consider quality as the prioritized aspect but we also ensure the safety of the information of our valued consumers. This is why Insta Dissertation has a privacy policy to govern ways to deal with your information.

Such reasons have led us to place stringent policies to govern ways for handling information. You, as a visitor, must understand our policies before utilizing our services. It is so because the use of our services points to your agreement with our policies. You must understand that policies are evaluated in a routine based on which they are modified. It is your responsibility to keep track of any sort of alteration or modification.

In this privacy policy, Insta Dissertation means website, we, our, us, online platform, and our platform. On the other hand, “you” in this policy means visitor and clients.

Making a Pile of Information

To ensure security at our platform, we ask you to submit your information in a routine and it usually include your phone number, name, address, and email address. Your information will be used for sending you notifications related to your important steps for processing your orders such as completion of order and requirements for your orders.

Cookies – But Not the Eatable Ones

We apply cookies to enhance your experience at our platform. A cookie is a data file to identify your visit at our online platform and it contains letters and numbers. These files contain your preferences during your navigation on our website to confirm if you are a registered user. You may block or disable these cookies anytime you want. But then please note that our services may fluctuate without working once you disable or block the cookies.

Broadcasting Information Related to Products and Services

Our services are available for visitors and clienteles on our online platform. We further communicate you related to our services and promotional offers through emails, social media, SMS, and phone calls.

Surveillance of Your Personal Information

Your personal information is secured at our platform from theft and there is no disclosure to external parties. We comply with the Data Protection Act, which further states that we must disclose information as law requires.

Your Information on Visits to Our Website

We gather certain information related to your visits on our platform and it includes your IP address and content viewed. The reason of piling such information to provide you customized services. We also gather information related to your browser, operating system, and time of your visit. You should not worry about being identified because we never try any way to do so. This type of information is used to enhance our platform through modifications in pages, designs, and contents.

Approach to Personal Logs

We never share your information with external bodies and people having no authorization to access. You may access your logs by requesting us through an email and clearing a security check. It can require you to submit your additional information such as answering to your “Secret Question”.